1. Eyes on the Prey

No one is born a hero, and the ways of the gods are dark and recondite. When the fate of the world is tied to the fate of a single woman, she will need help to fulfil her destiny and a reason to fight for. But to form bonds can be dangerous, and when they break and life doesn’t seem to be worth living any more, she may wish the world may end once and for all.


This is a rewrite/republish of something I did last year as an experiment on Tumblr. Short drabbles and scenes about the adventures of my Dovahkiin somehow turned into a story with a life of its own, sometimes barely resembling the original events from the game any more. It was long before, and after some fleshing out, filling gaps and polishing it’s become even longer.

Will contain the main quest, lots of Companions (though not many Companion quests), some daedra, many sidequests, fluff, angst, politics and humour.

1. Prologue
2. Free
3. Jorrvaskr
4. Healing
5. Questions and Answers
6. Decisions
7. The Trap
8. Fire
9. The Black Stone
10. Mending
11. Dragonborn
12. Grey
13. Morthal
14. Brothers
15. Futile
16. Like a Butterfly
17. Forelhost
18. Wrangling
19. Krosis
20. Regret
21. An End to all Evil
22. The Child

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