Quo vadis?

I have a story to write. I know what it’s about, I know the characters, have a theme and a general conflict that has to be solved.

I have half a dozen brilliant first sentences, bits and pieces of witty dialogue, I know who will clash and who will cooperate and what has to happen to drive my staff into madness. All in all, I have a shitload of awesome ideas that should work fabulously together and only have to be bundled neatly into the big picture.

What I don’t have is an ending. A conclusion. A punchline.

I have no idea where I wanna go with this plot (or where this plot will go with me). How to solve the conflict. How to get to the point and what this point will be. Every attempt to outline the various scenarios crashes full-speed against a massive wall of absurdity, breaks through the masonry of clueless confusion and tumbles flailing and whining into the abyss of irrelevance.

Without an ending, I can construct neither character development nor conflict. The whole atmosphere of the story depends on the outcome – be it romantic, funny, ghastly, everyone lives happily ever after or everyone is dead and doomed. It can be pretty vague at the beginning and the nuances can change with the way the story develops, but the general solution has to be in my head right from the start.

If I have nothing – like right now – the plot meanders through a succession of meaningless action loops and finally seeps away in the sands of pointlessness instead to form the floodwave of the grande finale.

The obvious solution would be to fix the end first, then check which of my shitload of fabulous ideas work with it and dismiss the rest.

But I don’t want to dismiss them! They’re fabulous! All of them! They should work together and queue up patiently until it’s their turn and then match and slot neatly into something that makes sense! Instead they’re stubborn and obnoxious, kick and scratch and hit and cheat each other to get to the front line where they have no business. I should be able to tell them how to behave! They’re mine, after all!

Why don’t they do what I want?

*stomps off miserable, feeling at least as pathetic as the title of this post.*


4 thoughts on “Quo vadis?

  1. Sometimes characters do strange things or say strange things themselves, write what you have so far and see where they takebyu, if the ending is loose you can always change it.

    • That’s what I’m trying atm. 🙂
      It’s just whining anyway. It helps, because it makes me feel so miserable that it becomes easier to kick myself into that pathetic derriere. Thanks for your comment!

    • Sometimes all that helps is to leave them alone and only come back when they’ve settled their petty quarrels among themselves and promise to behave. Good to know I’m not alone!

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