Spirit Animal

q_spanimalMany people are doing the 28 days of character development challenge at the moment, and although personally I’m too lazy and too busy for a commitment that requires a post (and some contemplation upfront) every single day, I do follow these posts eagerly. It’s interesting to get so much background information for characters we know only from the context of a story, and it’s amazing how much headcanon some authors put into their OCs.

Today though, Elspeth Aurilie got to the topic of the spirit animal for her OC Trygve and posted a link to this quiz. I’m a sucker for (more or less, usually less) sensible multiple choice tests and couldn’t resist to try it out for Q.

The result? She’s a wolverine.

It would have been probably the last animal I’d have chosen for her, though it would have been certainly some kind of predator. But it’s spot on, and startlingly so, although the questions are made for a “modern” character.

Powers: Fighting ability—strength, speed, and toughness
Nobody messes with Wolverines. You’re fearless, assertive (okay, aggressive), and tenacious. You might be a Marine, or a middle linebacker. You’re the best at whatever you choose to do, because you give yourself no alternative.
Best matches: Bears, Cougars, Wolves


  • Wolverines are most common in boreal forests/taiga. Q. favourite landscape (besides Whiterun Hold) are the forests around Falkreath.
  • Wolverines are solitary animals. Q. is not really a loner, but she tends to retreat from the world and her companions when the sky crushes upon her.
  • Wolverine are survivalists. They hunt everything, from squirrels and mice to elks and moose, even other predators. They defend their prey against other predators much larger than they, but in times of starvation they also become scavengers and feed on the leftovers of wolves and bears. They also take eggs, berries, roots and insect larvae. They build their own nests or take those of other animals if they find them.

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