Sentimental Oblivion Moments

My old gaming machine that has gathered dust in a dark, dusty corner for years has come back to life with a brand new Ubuntu. Fortunately, before its memory was erased completely, I was able to rescue some of the more memorable moments of its former life.

Including tons of Oblivion screenshots. It was (heavily modded, of course) and still is an incredibly pretty game and has some of the most awesome questlines ever.


Poor Fellow


Could be just as well somewhere in Falkreath Hold


Behind the gates of Oblivion


On my way to madness


Madness is pretty…


… and sometimes, it looks like Skyrim.


Anyone doubts the close affinity between the Telvanni and Sheogorath?


Pretty mer(ish architecture) – the only male char I’ve ever played, just to be able to use AlienSlof’s mods


7 thoughts on “Sentimental Oblivion Moments

  1. Nice pictures. I went back and played Morrowind a couple of months ago and got all nostalgic for the days when it was brand new to me and I lost 3 pounds the first week because I didn’t do anything but play and subsisted mostly on meal replacement bars and diet pepsi.

    • OMG, that’s so me! I’ll never forget how I spent a whole day of my precious lifetime in that bookstore in Balmora when I started to play Morrowind for the first time. With that location, I was lost to the series. It was incredible.

    • Yeah, that looks exciting, but I won’t hold my breath that it ever sees more than an alpha release. There were modding projects of similar sizes for Morrowind and Oblivion as well, and none of it ever got finished. And apart from that, honestly, I don’t see much sense in remaking a whole game just for (slightly) prettier graphics, especially as the whole game mechanics have been severely dumbed down from MW till Skyrim.

      No, I got the ES Anthology recently, and I’ll just have the original experience.

  2. Hahaha I love the first picture. It always half cracks me up and half freaks me out when you kill a creature and it dies standing up, or sitting, or is bent in some weird shape like this!

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