Two updates …


… per week? Impossible. At least when I have to get something else out of the system first.

Something about a horribly fucked up fuck, Tilma’s and other crème treats and the benefits of ice-cold water. And more. And lots of feeeeeels, of course.

My muse is playing havoc with my schedule and my brain, and I’m barely able to keep up.

No horses, though. Never. Get out of my head! *shudders*

Sorry for the delay!


5 thoughts on “Two updates …

  1. Ah the magnificent Horse Ass Stone. The most powerful of the standing stones in Skyrim. They say it was placed there by Ysgramor himself, back when he had to use a horse as a weapon to fight off two hundred Snow Elves. They say you can still hear the clop of its ghostly hooves in the dead of night on the 19th of Frostfall. Yes the Horse Ass Stone, what a place. Anyway insanity aside, hope everything gets sorted out and Qhuori can kick some Thalmor ass 😀

  2. How did you get your horse to do that? That is cool. You should name your horse ‘Ostrich,’ or maybe ‘Denial.’

    PS–I fixed my computer so I’m live again.

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