TES Online

The logo of TES Online is something like a triple Ouroboros. Nice imagery for an MMO.

I just hope it doesn’t mean that it’s just more of the same in everlasting circles of repetition.



5 thoughts on “TES Online

  1. well it is an MMO so there might be some repetition. As an MMO I can almost say without a doubt in my mind it will have, escort quests, errand boy quests, kill wild life and collect an unusually high amount of parts from them quests, fetch quests, dungeon crawls, boss fights, shitty loot tables and that’s all in the first ten levels…then you get to do it all over again for 11-20 and 21-30 and 31-40 all the way to the end game where you get to do it all again in hopes of epic loot. Im not jaded on MMO’s honestly I just know them too well. however this is TES and I have been keeping a close eye on them they seem to be doing more of a tes game than an MMO to a point but until my character can freaking SIT DOWN in TESO I shall continue to rage against the machine!

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