I get giddy like a little girl about every new yellow blob on my “Views by Country” list and map. Nothing against all you gaudy pink US-Americans, but… Finland? UAE? Ecuador?

That’s awesome. Really.


6 thoughts on “Awesome

      • Hi Wendy,
        On your dashboard is your stats interface. Open that up and on the left side under your traffic graph it’ll say ‘views by country’ –them click on ‘summaries.’ It is interesting to see. I tend to attract English speaking countries except Ireland and Canada. (For the last six months, my top three visiting countries are U.S 1600+ then UK 400+ and Australia at 300+)

        • Ah, found it, thanks. I don’t get a whole lot of traffic, mostly I think because I get more views on dA and, but I’ve got good traffic in the US (3500+), then the UK (600) and Australia (275). It’s neat to see other places show up, though. Somebody in Sri Lanka visited my page. That’s just wild. I wish some of them would leave me messages!

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