How to decapitate – and why

Notgeld / German Bank Note, 1921

Notgeld / German Bank Note, 1921

Just met the headless horseman.

I’ve no idea why Bethesda put him into the game – nobody has, obviously. He could be Ragnar the Red or the nameless Stormcloak soldier from the intro. Or Hamvir, the Nord slaver from Morrowind. Or he’s just an easteregg, because these guys make an appearance in dozens of games and other forms of popculture.

I know about Sleepy Hollow, I know the various tales, myths and sagas about the headless horseman originating from my homeland (where W. Irving probably found/stole the idea and relocated it to New York). And then there’s also the amazing story of Klaus Störtebeker, a pirate who walked past 11 of his comrades after he was beheaded.

I did not know that there’s an irish/celtic version of the myth.

And so far, I had no idea how many ways there are to decapitate a man. And how many reasons why people did it.

Now my imagination is running havoc. Something is breeding. Scary.


8 thoughts on “How to decapitate – and why

  1. Honestly I have yet to encounter this and I have actually looked for him on my other characters, there is still so much in Skyrim I have yet to discover, I just wish I could get the blasted thing running for more than 8 min 32 sec at a time…yes I timed it…As for the beheadings there are numerous ways and reasons, our ancestors(or at least mine) were very creative, sadistic and blood thirsty back then.

    • 8.5 minutes at a time? That’s torture! And there’s nothing you can do? I don’t play that much any more myself, but to know that I can only play for a few minutes would make quit it completely.

      • yeah it kinda has I tried a clean install and it still did nothing the monkeys at Bethesda are worthless too they couldn’t help at all im hoping that once I can afford dragonborn that might help the issues if not I might have to make a new blog and do oblivion since I know that beast is stable.

  2. I wrote a very bloody be-heading in my second book, Crossing Mother’s Grave. There is just nothing quite like a fish-mouthed head on the floor while blood spurts where the head once rested. It certainly wakes up the reader. 😉

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