Describe the process of learning to read

– in an interesting way
– by someone who isn’t a trained educationist
– to a kid with a slight form of ADHD
– without the use of pen & paper
– in a language that’s not your own

Holy daedra, fighting scenes and smut are a breeze against that. Sorry for the delay of the next chapter!


7 thoughts on “Struggling!

  1. Question: why does it have to be without the use of pen and paper? Also, if I were you, I might make some of the details more vague than others. You can write a good tale and still leave pieces to the reader’s imagination. You might focus on Jergen’s frustration instead of the actual nuts and bolts of teaching Farkas to read, especially if you’re depicting him with ADHD. The child getting distracted and coming up with all sorts of crazy ideas while Jergen is trying to keep him focused would make for interesting reading. Then again, I have a kid with ADHD, so maybe that’s just me, lol.

    • Because Vignar has failed spectacularly with pen & paper, and Jergen doesn’t want to repeat this experience, neither for him nor for Farkas.
      Personally, I don’t consider Farkas to have any kind of “disorder”, but nowadays he would probably be diagnosed with ADHD and stuffed with Ritalin to keep him in check. And Vignar would have approved, probably. But he’s just a temperamental kid with difficulties to concentrate on stuff he finds boring.
      Don’t worry, I won’t describe them practicing single letters. And Jergen is not only a very patient man, but also very practical.

      • To be honest there are several methods that could be applied that are not “traditional” methods of teaching. I think the best way to teach is to make it fun and interesting. If Jergen can do that I think Farkas wouldn’t have any issues learning to read and write. He could incorporate lessons into sword training or something since that is what Farkas enjoys. Just my opinion though I could and usually am wrong.

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